What is Owens API?

The Application Programming Interface or API allows your system to place orders directly with Owens OnLine’s system without filling out order forms manually on our website. Although our website is very easy and fast to use for most small to medium volume clients, using an API saves valuable time and resources. Results are sent back automatically into your system as they are completed.

Who should use Owens API?

High volume clients with proprietary platforms and third-party software platforms offering a value-added service to their clients will benefit greatly by integrating with Owens. If you are using a third-party platform and would like to be able to order our products, please fill out our integration form by clicking the button below and we will contact your platform vendor.

Can I still use my Owens OnLine account?

Yes, in fact the API and Owens OnLine accounts work together to allow you both flexibility and a backup to your API account. When an order is received from your system into the Owens API, the same order can also be seen on your Owens OnLine account. All manual processes such as additional information or document requests can be handled through the web interface to give you the most options for completing your order.

Which products are available?

Owens API has separate schemas for each product category including Civil Records, Criminal Records, Credit & Finance and Verifications & References. Our full catalog of products is available via Owens API.

What features are included with Owens API?

Owens API includes the following features to support your business and technical teams:
  • Schema Download: Full and generic schema versions are available.
  • Schema View: View in XML or XSD directly on the API site.
  • Schema Comparison: Compare versions to view all changes (e.g. new products, fields, etc.).
  • Schema Logs: View a running total of all product changes as they happen.
  • View Products: Complete list of all available Owens products. List can be filtered by schema name, country and category.
  • View Form Fields: Complete list of field names, labels, types, sizes and descriptions. List can be filtered by schema type and schema name.
  • API Documentation: Simulation and viewing of actual results from inputted web services. The output can be executed in XML or JSON formats. Web services include Post for Order and Get for Countries, Order, Product Categories, Product Schemas, Product Types and Products.
  • Integration Requirements and Order Processing: Documentation regarding authentication, supported formats, security requirements, error handling, sample XML file output, order processing and order results are all available via Owens API.

How do we get started?

It's easy to get access to our API documentation and test bed. Please fill out our short request form by clicking the button below. We will setup a test account populated with test orders and send your credentials securely for all authorized users. You will be assigned a point person and have access to our technical support and development teams throughout the process of connecting. If there is a gap on either system, we will assist in closing that gap quickly to limit the time required to complete the integration.